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What is M!O!R!E!©? Motion! Order! Riithink! Effect! MORE is the innate expansion and contraction that defines preordained individual-and-collective recognition, understanding, and acceptance – to an undetermined degree, in spite of obstacles.

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Reply The Power In M!O!R!E!
10:49 AM on May 27, 2012 

Why Not Become The Applicant In My Life?

To live in constant search of healing?a victim of a hopeful, vivid, purposeful imagination, predisposed to reach to every pinhole of light beyond life?s shattering obscurities, and not die shattered.

To recognize that the perpetual lie is [self-worth-less]?and combined with any transitory measuring of like-love, like-compassion, or like-assistance?it is still the lie when motivated to remain dependent?not on self.

To know that those who lie, they are incapable of promoting my self-worth-more, when with constant-daily-effort I choose freedom from their dependent stay. But as a respond to my must accomplish goal?freedom?healing, they would venomously reproach me from their true shattered stays of self-worth-less.

To recognize that perpetuating childhood ills begins with believing in the lie?self-worth-less; and in the absence of firstfaith?my imagination?s pre-played claims to self-worth-more: empathy, creativity, intelligence, candor, confidence, loyalty, liberation, reliability ? self-worth-less becomes the contraction of merited-innate-tools: empathy-to-apathy, creativity-to-impishness, intelligence-to-ineptness, candor-to-deceitfulness, confidence-to-fearfulness, loyalty-to-unfaithfulness, liberation-to-limitation, reliability-to-treachery?.

To agree, not to desire healing?not to heal, is often motivated by self-pity, for perpetuating in words and deeds the lie?self-worth-less?staying claimed by fear, shame, self-loathing, silence, indifference, anger, and violence?having existed, only to die a Witness?purposeless.

To live intending beyond purposefulness, is to apply my merited-innate-self-worth-more-tools: empathy, creativity, intelligence, candor, confidence, loyalty, liberation, reliability ? using every opportunity to connect?to engage?to make constant in the circle of expansion: recognition, understanding, acceptance?becoming The Applicant?self-healer, in order to effect-and/or-attain the oaath to Purpose?my firstworth?the dream, in spite of obstacles.

To The Applicant me: I recognize that every dream counts. I understand that healing is often the longest journey taken alone?in the company of the world. I accept that the earlier I begin to heal, the greater the personal reward; and as I share, Applicant-to-Applicant, Applicant-to-Intended?the more effective my individual-and-collective resolve: no one should die a Witness to purposefulness not effected-and/or-attained.
Reply Deliah Lawrence, Author of "Gotta Let It Go"
10:43 PM on January 12, 2012 
Hi, De! Thanks for sharing - this is really powerful reading.
Reply The Power In M!O!R!E!
4:26 PM on January 12, 2012 
Happy Birthday Dr. King!

There are times, when we must labor to a purpose so distant, never knowing fulfillment is not failure; and with contentment pretending friendship, if we are moved to wonder of our strength to remain committed to the dream, we should be no shame.

There are times, when pinned under echoes of slighting, stirred by a look, a comment, an intentional hurt ? the moment is scarred with thoughts of racist indifference, rage, and/or loathing; but to veer off the dream path?void even for a moment of tempered wisdom, is to surrender to the weight only we must carry. Yes, it is very difficult this forever plight.

There are times, when in our children?s language and actions, we hear and see fear, shame, and sometimes scorn for these shades, God?s claim ? and with fleeting innocence bruised, passion overflows?ugly is the moments rage?teeth gritting, fists clenched to strikeout with might of right, claiming entitlement to fairness?protection, for they are permanently clothed in these shades of black; only barely holding tongue from condemning innocent minds and hearts to racists resolve.

So, in reverence to Dr. King, we take pause to be nurtured by his life; to be inspired by his will; to always learn from his tireless efforts to our freedoms; to be owned by the same certainty-of-purpose he had to his dream. In fact, let us be ashamed when we are not tempered, and instead we are foolish; let us be ashamed when we are not pensive, and instead we are frivolous; and let us be ashamed when we attempt to separate and not be inclusive.

Let us be evoked to write?to blog, to share unselfishly?to heal from the tenderness of love; and to tell of our deliberate intentions to walk collectively?proudly, arrested by the boundless wealth of Dr. King?s resolves: faith, vision, tempered wisdom, and purposefulness in leadership by example.

On behalf of The Power In M!O!R!E!
We thank you for your indelible attendance, Dr. King! Because of you, we see sense where senselessness would have prevailed. Because of you, we see hope where hopelessness would have lanced goodness, ending lives. Because of you, we celebrate to remember that we promise never, ever to forget that you are to our united strengths?our united purposes, the most cherished causes: liberty taken with nonviolence. For if we forget, shame on us!

With respect and appreciation, we raise our voices in gratitude, Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

One Love from The Power In M!O!R!E!

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